About Ronnie
I was born in Ypsilanti in the former Beyer Memorial Hospital in 1952. I attended Perry Elementary, East Middle School and graduated from Ypsilanti High School in 1970. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Community Development from Central Michigan University.  My wife Gloria and I reside in Ypsianti Township where I am currently serving in my fifteenth year as Washtenaw County Commissioner for the 6th District.  Previously I served as a Councilmember for  City of Ypsilanti.

Professionally I worked as a Juvenile Caseworker and Counselor for Washtenaw County's Sherff and Health Departments.  As a County employee, I was elected President of American Federation of State, County, and Muncipal Employees Local 1583 representing public sector employees. Currently I am employed as Political Director for AFSCME Council 25 repesenting  public sector employees throughout the state.

My commitment to public service includes serving on a wide vairiety of nonprofit boards, civic and religious organizations past and present. I believe you can make a difference through community engagement and encourage others to support nonprofits by contributing their time, talent and charity to improve everyone's "quality of life." 

In my career I am inspired by civic leaders and citizens who view progressive ideas as a force for positive change. As 54th District State Representative I will continue fighting to improve the "quality of life" in our community and insure that state government is responsive to the Districts needs.